What Social Media Marketing Can Do for Your Business

social media marketingSocial media marketing is an effective way to target customers across many different platforms, may this be Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. These channels give you the opportunity to speak to your audience and promote your brand name. If you’re a business that hasn’t seen the interest in using social media marketing, then you’ll want to have a read through this. The details of what social media marketing can do for your business will be highlighted, along with what social media platform is best to reach the customers your business applies to and what SMM can achieve.

This form of online marketing can result in further success for your business, as well as creating loyal customers and increase sales. But what is social media marketing? or commonly referred to as SMM. Well since you asked, it’s the creation of content that will engage with customers, that your business will share across social media channels. The content you create will need to revolve around your business goals that you want to achieve. This may be to increase brand awareness or drive more customers to your website. Content doesn’t always need to be text either, you can post creative images or interesting videos that customers will find engaging.

Now that we have given you the run down on what SMM is, we can discuss the channels that are performing best just now. Each channel targets a different audience, so we can provide the information that will help you to determine which one is right for your business.

What Social Media Channel Is Best for Your Business

social media channels - social media marketingWell this depends on your target audience. Facebook is the highest used channel with 2.06 billion active users in September alone. It practically targets everyone, so it’s a more chilled out platform where you can easily chat to other users and friends online. However, you can also use Facebook Ads to target specific audiences and boost your posts for a budget of your choice.

Instagram is the second running champion in terms of social media channels with 700 million active users in September. So, if you enjoy taking professional photos or you are within the creative industry, Instagram is your best bet to engage customers through photographs and videos. Don’t forget to hashtag too!

LinkedIn however differs with a more professional outlook, targeting professionals and job seekers in different industries. You can promote content that will attract similar businesses or people that are interested in what you have to say. It’s also a great networking channel for your company.

social media icons - social media marketingTwitter is another effective channel, where hashtags can be used to target keywords that are trending, and your customers are searching for. You can advertise recent changes to products or your website and follow other tweeters within your industry that could gain you more followers.

The information above should help you determine which channel is right for your business in terms of the volume of customers you want to reach, as well as the type of customer your business aims for. Measuring your social media performance can also be generated through Google Analytics by putting tracking tags to each campaign created for each social media channel. This will help you identify what posts customers are finding most engaging through clicks, impressions and conversion rates.

What An Effective Social Media Strategy Can Achieve

It’s always good to have a social media strategy lined up so you don’t wander away from what you are aiming to do. Some of the things you may include in a strategy of this type is target audience, business goals and the marketing message your business is trying to get across. Majority of businesses use social media to increase customers, create wider brand awareness, rise conversion rates and improve the communication between B2C. So, if you want to achieve the goals stated above, an SMM strategy is what you need.

social media strategy - social media marketingExpect traffic that has been targeted to your specific audience to come flooding in when you have a social media strategy implemented. Search engine optimisation or SEO also comes into focus when social media channels are used as it will rank your site higher on search engine results.

Relationships can be built with customers and potential customers online, leading to increased sales and greater brand loyalty. Remarketing can also be used as a tool through social media to retarget they customers you may have lost, and this could be implemented as part of your strategy.

Having a social media presence that engages with a lot of customers, again generates loyalty. Competitors will always be a problem you are trying to get rid of and social media is probably a marketing tool that most of them use, so make sure you are too. You might not know this, but social media could attract customers that didn’t even know your business was up and running. And the best part of it all is that it’s free, so you have no reason not to be using it.


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