Influencing Customers at the Right Moment

Google often refer to moments rather than searches. So why are Google more interested in micro-moments? Mobile has forever changed what we as consumers expect from brands and it has fractured the consumer journey into hundreds of real time, intent driven micro-moments. Each micro-moment is a critical opportunity for brands to influence consumer decisions and preferences.

As a result of mobile devices, micro-moments can occur anywhere and at anytime, and during those moments, consumers expect brands to address their needs with real time relevance. So how can we as marketers influence consumers during micro-moments at the correct time? Here are a few handy tips to get you going.

“I Need Some Ideas” Moments

According to a recent survey, digital media helps spark inspiration for consumer electronics shoppers when looking for ideas about what to purchase:


You could supply “I need some ideas” shoppers with useful tips and ideas by displaying interesting and useful written content ion your website and your blog. If you have great inspirational videos, or “how to” videos showing consumers how to resolve a specific problem, add these to your Youtube channel for shoopers to see during the micro-moments that are searching for ideas.

“Which One Is Best” Moments

Whether people are in-store or on the go, consumers use mobile devices to compare prices, compare brands and various products.


“Which One Is Best for Me” Moments

80% of smartphone consumers purchasing consumer electronics have changed their mind about the retailer or brand to purchase from after searching on Google.




“Am I Getting the Best Price” Moments

Google stated that Consumer Electronics “price” and “deal” related queries grew more than 40% year on year from mobile devices.

It’s important that brands are transparent and that they offer a great online and offline experience. Consumers are influenced by multiple factors such as company reviews, price, value for money etc. If your business has a bad review, don’t ignore it, respond to the review and try and resolve the issue. Many brands still ignore reviews with the hope that the problem will disappear but many consumers look at how a brand responds to negative reviews to provide them with confidence that they will be cared for if they have a problem with a product or a service.

If your brand has a great offer or deal on a specific offer, tell consumers about it. Display the offer on the website, social media and other marketing channels. Google is recording increases in “price” and “deal” related queries so make sure your product offer is found when consumers search.

“I Want to Buy It” Moments

Mobile devices offer more options for where and when to purchase. Many smartphone shoppers who are purchasing consumer electronics:

79% Consumers expect a retailer to offer multiple ways to purchase with a smartphone. This includes online, buy online and pickup in-store or buy in-store and ship to home.


Shoppers are looking for convenience when purchasing and shopping from mobile devices makes this easier than ever before. Make sure your brand offers a seamless transition from online to offline to leave consumers with a great experience from shopping online to collecting the goods in-store or during home delivery. People who left your business with a great experience will become some of your greatest brand ambassadors.

72% Consumers have gone to a store to check out a product with the plans of buying the product online.


43% Consumers have purchased products using their smartphones whilst looking at similar products in store.

The internet and mobile devices have changed the way consumers shop and brands should embrace the new technologies to reach consumers rather than clinging on to traditional processes. We are not saying traditional media is dead, but successful brands market their products and services through multiple marketing channels to reach consumers during the ideal micro-moment.

“How Do I Fix This” Moments

Customers expect consumer brands to follow through in post-sale moments. Google stated that consumer electronics troubleshooting, customer support and repair search related queries have increased by more than 40% year on year from mobile devices.


Consumers expect great customer service during and after any purchase. Some brands offer exceptional customer service whilst other brands are still trying to catch up. It’s important for brands to be “available” during the “how do I fix this” moments to provide customers with the necessary assistance to resolve their problem. We understand some businesses cannot offer a 24 hour call centre support service due to costs but online services like live chat, how to videos and frequently asked questions on a website provide a great post-sale customer experience at the appropriate micro-moment.

If you have any questions about micro-moments and how your business will be able to influence the customer purchase journey, contact Covey Digital for an informal chat. Covey Digital will share some ideas with you which can help your business reach new heights.











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