Looking for a creative agency may be tricky, but also an eye-opening experience.

For some business owners, looking for a creative agency is a daunting experience. They’re trusting someone outside their company with something incredibly precious to them. But, at the same time, putting your business in professional hands can be a rewarding process in which you discover sides of your company you never thought about.

What do you need to consider before choosing a creative agency?


Keyboard and Coffee - The Covey Agency Full-Service or Speciality Agencies

There are two types of creative agencies:

1. Full-service agencies handle all aspects of the service, from planning to implementation, as well as offering all type of solutions (creative, digital and advertising) and providing customers with a more holistic view of their company and needs.

2. Speciality agencies focus on one type of service, like digital or advertising, and they may be the right choice for those looking for very concrete solutions.



The size of the agency you’d like to work with is also something to take into account.

A local, smaller, boutique creative agency will give you a more personal service. You’ll pick up the phone and, quite possibly, speak with the person working in your project. They’re also more flexible if you need to arrange a meeting, and will be able to visit you quite soon or you go to their premises.

On the other hand, Mad-Men-like creative agencies have the guarantee of big names attached to them. Generally, they are in great locations and have fancy, jaw-dropping premises, but many of them are mainly interested in big brands willing to pay their high fees.


First Contact

Before approaching a creative agency, it’s a good idea to have a think about exactly what you want and need. What type of service are you looking for? Logo design, web development, brochure, rebranding, social media, SEO…? Or are you looking for general consultancy and guidance?

Additionally, relevant information about your business will help them understand your business better and create a more tailored proposal: industry sector, location, objective with this project, company’s values, competitors, companies that inspire you, social media presence or the channels you use to communicate with clients.



An agency’s portfolio is their calling card. Portfolios should have creative flair and be eclectic.

Pay special attention to their customers and what the agency have done for them: every project should be unique, stand on its own feet, and show the personality of the product, not the agency’s identity.

There are also agencies specialising in one field or with clients from a specific sector. Sometimes, they’re a good solution since they know well your competitors and your industry.


Clarity Upfront

Before any work begins, the agency should provide you with a detailed quote with a breakdown of the services and their cost, as well as their T&C’s.

It’s also important to agree clear and realistic deadlines. Not only will this help you avoid disappointments, you’ll be able to develop other activities along with your new marketing actions. For example, if you’ve commissioned a new website or logo, you can create online buzz on your social media channels days before the launch.


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