Does your team require training on the latest digital marketing technologies and best practices? Or does your team need help with specific digital channels?

Our Covey Digital training program is designed to address any digital challenge your company may face and our training team have a wealth of experience working with multiple digital channels and international brands. Our team ensure they are up to date with the very latest digital technologies in order to pass this information over to you.

Tailored Digital Training Programs

We can provide one to one training should your staff need specific help or we can provide group training with the to train larger groups.

Our training programs are normally planned around you and your staff. Our training programs are designed to be fun and practical to ensure attendees gain the most from the training and have the confidence to apply the digital skills once they return to their role.

Our training programs are designed with the customer in mind and we can either provide inhouse training at our Covey Digital offices, or we can provide onsite training if this is more convenient to the customer and their teams.

How we can help you

Contact Covey Digital today to find out more about our various training programs. Our tailored training programs are designed around you to address unique challenges you may face in terms of digital marketing or social media management.

Our team have trained multiple Digital Executives and help them through various digital accreditation programs.

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