What is Seo?

So, you have a great looking website filled with entertaining animated features, bright images and useful information, but have you ever thought… How will consumers find or see my website? With over 570 new websites being launched worldwide every minute, how will you ensure potential customers find yours?

This is why Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is so important. What is Search Engine Marketing? Search Engine Marketing is the process where a website is optimised to display (rank) higher in natural search listing results like Google, Bing and Yahoo to name a few. I am sure you will agree, there is nothing worse than having a great product or service and no one is aware of it, or potential customers cannot find your business address… the great news is, Covey Digital can help!

Our experienced Search Engine Optimisation team based in Edinburgh will help your business grow by ensuring your website is well optimised and visible for search queries relating to your business as well as for the products and services you offer. Our Search experts are fully trained to work with every business to offer a unique and custom-made Search Marketing Strategy to maximise performance.

The Process

Today, no business can afford to ignore this fundamental marketing strategy and for us to implement an effective SEO strategy, we first need to conduct thorough research and analysis of your website, the market and the competitors.

However effective SEO strategy isn’t simply about improving search keywords and website navigation. To understand the complexities of an SEO campaign, Covey Digital will be analysing 3 main areas for SEO.

  • Site

    Logical navigation, the website structure and meta structure are crucial to help search engines find and index your pages.

  • Words

    Search engines are effectively text readers, so the keywords on the web page must be targeted to deliver you into the natural listings.

  • Authority

    A network of quality links, through natural backlinking and social media, establishes your brand as an authoritative source that search engines will be happy to rank.


Search Engine Optimisation is a long-term plan for success. When implemented in the right way, it will help your business grow, with solutions tailored for your business, your industry and your requirements.

As search engine algorithms change it affects industries and businesses in various ways, it is crucial to understand that one size doesn’t fit all where Search Engine Optimisation is concerned.

This makes continuous analysis necessary by finding out what works and what needs changing will ensure that your business rides the wave of constant updates, rather than crashing into dangerous waters and falling behind.

By investing in bespoke SEO services with Covey Digital, you can be assured that your website, content and online presence give you the optimum results not just now, but for the future.

Effective SEO can:

  • Boost your online sales potential

  • Improve online presence

  • Generate a great return

  • Drive quality traffic to your website

  • Improve web ranking for relevant phrases

  • Bring targeted customers to your site

How we can help you?

  • Keyword Strategy

    Many agencies will target the biggest and most obvious keywords in the industry which are very competitive and expensive. Our strategy is to focus on gaining targeted traffic by identifying long-tail keywords and phrases to connect you with ready-to-buy customers.

    Case studies have shown that long-tail keywords attract far more relevant traffic and consumers using long-tail search phrases are closer to the buying stage than any other.

  • Tools & Software

    Our team of technical search engine optimisation experts are using industry leading SEO software to ensure your campaigns are up to date in terms of algorithm changes and our SEO reports contain the latest ranking data taken from the search engine results pages (SERP’s).

    We also use leading SEO tools to determine the difficulty and competitiveness of specific keywords which helps us plan our SEO campaigns and enable us to identify the best timescales for new campaigns.

  • Penalty Recovery

    Search engines like Google crawls a website once every few weeks to review the website structure, content and the links to the website and search engines will implement penalties if you do not provide a good user experience. Google penalties in particular have a negative impact on the website performance and will require manual review of the website. The penalties can be an unfortunate by-product of an algorithm update or an intentional penalty for Black Hat SEO techniques. Covey Digital can help with penalty removal in order to rebuild your website performance in particular website traffic.

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