Why Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is one of the most effective digital marketing services available in today’s market.

Whether you’re looking to bring in new website visitors, grow online sales, get the phones ringing or keep customers coming back for more, Pay Per Click campaigns can help you achieve this. PPC allows you to target your ads to consumers in certain postcodes, regions and cities, or within a set distance from your business or shop. The PPC Campaigns will ensure that your business is found at the exact time consumers are searching for a services or product that you offer.

Effective PPC campaigns are dependent on how well the account is managed on a daily basis. Our main aim as PPC experts is to deliver a great return on the financial investment and the great news is that Covey Digital have a wealth of PPC experience in managing Pay Per Click campaigns within various industries which enable us to deliver great results. We offer the following PPC search services,

  • Paid Search

    Getting your ads seen and clicked on requires a great combination: Engaging ad copy, targeted keywords, appealing landing pages and a high-quality score. Covey Digital ensure you have a winning strategy through continual testing and optimising these elements, and by performing in-depth research and analysis.

    Covey Digital cover all PPC networks like Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube, utilising a multitude of ad extensions while testing the newest Google products to ensure we’re always striving for even better results.

  • Display

    A combination of PPC and display advertising is an opportunity we believe every business should capitalise on. Display advertising has proven to be a very cost effective, but very efficient marketing solution.

    We run display advertising to give our customers another medium through which they can communicate a more creative message, supported by strong imagery, bold text and logos, whilst employing the same techniques as Paid Search. This means we can target traffic which may not click on search ads, or avoid a search engine completely on the sites they enjoy using.

  • Remarketing

    This sophisticated process of advertising is the perfect way to maximise the opportunity provided by a multi-channel, integrated marketing campaign.

    Covey Digital use remarketing to tap into lost traffic – either those who have abandoned an order, or who have engaged but not yet converted – and drive them to convert to sale.

    Our previous remarketing campaigns have delivered exceptional conversion rates and the biggest benefit to remarketing is that you can quickly see the value of nurturing your prospects by engaging with them at different points during the buying cycle.

  • Video

    You now have the ability to target video ads on YouTube and the Display Network, which enables you to advertise to consumers at moments that matter.

    With a wide variety of targeting methods available to you, Video targeting is becoming increasingly popular. Video targeting enables you to target specific demographics, interests and custom audiences which will deliver a tailored message to the audience of your choice.

Why choose Covey Digital
for your PPC Management?

Our certified PPC professionals regularly update their Pay Per Click accreditation exams which ensures Covey Digital will provide you with the very latest products and services as well as advise you on up to date PPC best practice. Some of our PPC experts have managed national campaigns for international brands so you are in good hands.

We will ensure we understand your business locations and commercial requirements to deliver the best campaign performance possible. PPC management is what we do and we will provide you with regular performance reports, weekly calls to talk you through campaign performance and provide regular review meetings to ensure the PPC performance is in-line with your expectations.

How we can help you

Following an initial discussion to identify your business objectives and commercial requirements, we will provide a full digital audit and provide a detailed proposal on how we can help your business grow and generate more leads.

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