What is Mobile Marketing?

As smartphone and tablet sales continue to rise and with so many consumers having access to the internet via their phones, it’s important that your business is visible and easily found from a mobile device.

Due to limited screen space and multiple competitors competing for the same business, there has never been a better time to ensure your website, social media campaigns, pay per click campaigns and digital marketing messages are optimised for mobile devices.

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized the way consumers access information, and today many people consume a tremendous amount of content on their phones. Publishers around the world use the mobile web to reach and communicate with these readers, but the experience can often leave a lot to be desired.

Google have started a program called AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) which is looking at increasing mobile page loading speeds and improve the overall user experience on mobile devices. We believe that Google will eventually use mobile page loading speeds as a search engine ranking factor to force web developers to design websites which are mobile friendly.

We know you have more than enough daily tasks to worry about if your digital

marketing campaigns are well optimised for mobile or not and this is where we can help.

Our aim at Covey Digital is to ensure all mobile marketing services such as social media campaigns, pay per click campaigns, your own website and all other digital marketing content are designed and optimised for mobile devices. Our experienced team will implement, test and refine each campaign to ensure you are getting the best performance from various mobile devices. We will also ensure your Pay Per Click campaigns are optimised to increase bids for mobile devices which in turn will result in gaining a great amount of traffic from mobile devices.

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