The Covey Agency, in partnership with Precision Media, our media buying partner have a wealth of experience when it comes to media buying services at a local, national and global level. We support many of our clients with in-depth research, planning and media buying services which enables them to stand out from the rest.

Our strategic approach ensures our customers get the best return on their marketing investment.

Our Media Research Process

Our strategic media planning and effective media buying process starts with research.
We investigate all measurable aspects of our clients’ target audiences and our customers benefit from the following:

  • A more detailed understanding of media placement recommendations

  • Stronger Confidence in our placement recommendations

  • A better response to advertising

We are well known for our tactical approach and implementation of media campaigns because we study customer lifestyles and online behaviour to understand their shopping habits. We offer smarter, more informed placement recommendations to our customers.

Our Media planning process

Like the famous saying, “you won’t get anywhere unless you know where you are going” Our planning process starts with an open mind, we add target audiences and media research and we set message delivery goals, review seasonality, media environment in relation to messages delivered as well as the changing media landscape.

We also analyse cost efficiencies and budgets which enable us to develop an inventive media planning strategy. Ultimately, we deliver a media plan that utilises the most effective media with the correct mix of marketing channels within the allocated budget.

Our Media buying process

A well-planned media buy is only as good as it is executed. The successful implementation of any media strategy is the core of a successful media buying process. From our experience, many companies let themselves down at the implementation and media buying stage. From our experience, if your media research and planning is of a high standard, but your execution is poor at the media buying stage, your marketing campaign will suffer as a result of the poor implementation.

Covey Creative structure optimal media purchases in less time, we negotiate hard on behalf of our customers but we are fair to our suppliers and we negotiate value-enhancing opportunities and promotions that stretch media exposure for our clients.

What can we do for your
traditional & digital media buying

We specialise in media buying for the following:

  • Television

    Local and National Airtime

  • Radio

    Local, Regional and National Airtime

  • Print

    Newspapers, Wraps and Magazines

  • Outdoor

    Bus and Rail

  • Digital

    Digital Banners, Email, Homepage
    Take-Over, PPC, Blogs, Text and Social Media

  • Direct Mail

    Mailers, Postcards, Coupon Inserts,
    Door-to-Door Distribution and Email Broadcasts

How we can help you?

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Our skilled professionals will be happy to advise on the best marketing channels to use for your next advertising campaign.

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