There are lots of agencies offering creative design services but only a hand full truly understand the balance between the business requirements and how consumers interact with the design. Whether you are looking for a new company logo design or perhaps a brand new website, our experienced team have a wealth of experience which enables them to design any project to fit your brief and keep the consumer in mind.

Our aesthetically pleasing designs are created to generate an action, whether it is to generate a website conversion or make the phone ring, our creative designs are aimed at interaction and engagement. There is nothing worse to have the greatest looking leaflet or website and it does not contribute to any marketing objective.

Creative Design

For corporate branding

We also ensure our creative designs meet your brand requirements to continue a consistent brand message.

We have seen many companies get this wrong by creating artwork and marketing material that does not match their identity or corporate branding which left their customers confused.

At Covey Creative, we always aim to provide your customers with a seamless transition from online to offline by designing marketing campaigns that is easily identified and provides a consistent corporate branding message across all marketing channels.

Web Design

And website navigation

We also specialise in website design and the way the website navigation works. When your marketing campaign has done all the hard work of getting a consumer to visit your website, you don’t want to lose the potential customer if they cannot find the information or products they are looking for due to poor website navigation.

It is crucial to offer a great customer experience on your website and the way to achieve this is through easy website navigation and links to relevant pages on your website. Great news is, we can help, we have designed multiple websites for different industries and we will be able to share the “do’s and don’ts” with you when it comes to web design to ensure you end up with a great website.

How we can help you

Covey Creative is a creative agency based in Edinburgh, Scotland and forms part of the Covey Agency which was established in 2010.

Our team of design experts have been in the industry for many years which means you’re in good hands. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business or to have a informal chat about the variety of design services we provide.

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